Current Projects

All money raised is used to sponsor community activities, hardship cases, eye glasses, hearing aids etc

• Meat Raffle - Chair: Ron Snyder -Lion’s Club works with Norby's bar to set up 2 Fridays a month Oct to April to hold the raffle. Chairperson obtains meat from County Fair store at a discount. Tickets are printed up in advance. Chairperson and volunteers sell raffle tickets and spin the wheel for winners at Norby's. There are ten rounds so all the meat is raffled off.
• Aluminum Can Collection - Chair: Wayne Coffaa- Lions Club has a small bin behind the lumberyard where anyone can deposit their aluminum cans. Chairperson checks the bin once a week. When it is full, they shovel cans from the bin into garbage bags and placed in our trailer. Once the trailer is full, it is taken to Sioux Falls and unloaded at the recycle place. They weigh the cans and give the Lions Club a check.
• Pancake Breakfast - Chair: Dean Hammer- Lions Club members get together each spring and host a Pancake Breakfast at the Catholic church kitchen. We make pancakes, sausage, juice, coffee. Members clean up tables, pour coffee, wash dishes, cook, mix pancake batter, etc.
• Cub Scout Derby – Chair: TBD – help set up, time and facilitate the derby contest for the local Cub Scout group. This project is a lot of fun.  The boys get very creative building and painting their derby cars for the race.
• Quarry Days Clean-Up Chair: Tom Early – contact Dell Rapids Chamber of Commerce President to work details and obtain garbage bags. This project runs from Friday night to Monday morning and has a variety of shifts people can work.  You walk around and pick up all garbage in the city park and empty the garbage cans so the patrons have a fun time with no mess.

To become involved in or to run a project, contact the chair person for that project or the club president. They can discuss the possibility of turning the project over once the fiscal year is done or adding you to the committee.

• Eye Glass Collection - Chair: Ruth Coffaa and Jody Morrow - The local banks in Dell Rapids (Wells Fargo and First National) have drop off buckets set up in their lobby for glasses collection. The chair people go to each bank to collect and box up all the eye glasses that have been donated. The box is then taken to Sioux Falls and dropped off at the Lions Foundation. They give theeye glasses to VOSH (Volunteer Ophthalmic Services to Humanity). VOSH then gives the eye glasses to a 3rd world country for their use.
• Scholarship Award - Chair: Jody Morrow - Dell Rapids Lions Club awards 1 student each year a $1,000 scholarship to college from 1 of the following high schools: Dells Public, Dells St Mary's or Baltic Public. We work with the school councilors to get the essay applications out to the students. The committee reviews the anonymous applications. The winner is announced and asked to speak at the Lions Club banquet along with their parents. The winner is also announced at the local Honor Society Banquet. Once college information is received, a check is sent to that college for the student.
• Welcome Packet - Chair: Christine Snyder- This is a packet of information to be given to each new member. A committee member will review all the information with the new member. The packet will include such items as: club information, officers, club pin: projects and their chairs, fundraising activities, membership dues, award information and much more. An abbreviated version of the packet will also be designed to use as a membership recruiting tool.
• International Peace Poster - Chair: Dean Hammer - Art contest for Young people - ages 11, 12 and 13 years old - are encouraged to express their visions of peace through art in the Lions International Peace Poster Contest. Lions clubs around the world proudly sponsor the contest in local schools and youth groups. Judges from the art, media, youth development and humanitarian communities select 24 international finalists representing the more than 350,000 children who participate annually. Posters are shared globally via the Internet, social media, news outlets and traveling exhibits. Dell rapids Lions Club gives cash prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places at the local level..
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